Previewer localization

Each localization is stored in two files:

  • XFRXLIB_<localization_code>.dbf - strings translation
  • XFRXLIB_<localization_code>.vcx - find and page selection dialogs localization

The default localization is English. Another localization are CSY - Czech, SK - Slovak, FR - French, DE - Germany, TR - Turkey.  

To create a new localization, please follow these steps:

  1. Choose a code for your localization (e.g. DE for German)
  2. Create a copy of default localization DFB (localization\default\XFRXLIB_XXX.DBF (+CDX, +FPT)). Change the suffix according to your localization code. The default localization DBF contains English strings that need to be translated.
  3. Create XFRXLIB_<localization_code>.vcx visual class library using localization\default\locClass.prg. Send the localization code as a parameter. 
    Example: Copy locClass to the XFRXLIB directory and call:

    do locClass with "DE" 

which will create the XFRXLIB_DE class library. Translate the two dialog classes in the class library.

  1. Copy the localization files to XFRXLIB directory.

To activate the localization in your code, call setLanguage method of XFCont class. Send the localization code as a parameter.