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1. Download and unpack the client API package

The content of the client API package

The client API package contains the following:

  • XFRX demo version
  • RIC Client API written in C#, distributed as RICAPIClient.exe and RICAPIClientLib.dll
  • RICHelpers.PRG - a library of functions to work with the API from VFP
  • Sample program RICDemo.prg (see source)

2. Edit and run the demo application

  • Open RICDemo.prg in VFP. At the top of the program, replace XFRX_CUSTOMER_NAME and XFRX_CUSTOMER_PWD constants with your XFRX customer username and password (this is the username and password you use to log in into to download new xfrx versions)
  • In the section below it, enter in the organization name you want to create, the subdomain it should run on, admin username and admin password. Alternatively, leave this code as is and it will create a new subdomain with a random name.
  • Run RICDemo.prg. The new organization will be created, users and folders will be created, a report will be uploaded and some report level and folder level propertes will be set up.
  • Then the demo application will pause so that you can view the demo organization online.

3. Open your report in the web browser

  • Go to your new subdomain in (for example, if your subdomain is "mytest123", go to
  • Note: the RICDemo.prg puts the URL to the clipboard, so after you run it you can go to the web browser, select the address field and hit Ctrl+V.
  • You will see the report you just uploaded in there.
  • Here is a screenshot of what you should see m your screen:

4. Go to the administration console

5. See how works for you.

  • Give it a try. Add your report, add users, new domains. Link RIC to your desktop application.

6. Please let us know what you think

  • Please let us know what you think, what works and what doesn't or what features you are missing at

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