XFRX version 11.1

Release date: 7 September 2005

New features

  • Turkish (1254) and Greek (1253) code pages are now supported in the PDF output

  • A printer properties dialog for a given printer can now be invoked from XFRX, returning the printer properties structure as a string. This string can be saved as a user preference and sent to XFRX when printing. This functionality is similar to SYS(1037) introduced in VFP 9.0, with two differences/improvements:

    • The page setup and printer selection dialogs are skipped, which saves two clicks for the users and preempts confusions in case the printer has already been selected. (Very often, there is a printer selection box in the "main" form and a button to invoke printer properties).

    • This implementation works in earlier versions of Visual FoxPro, too (from VFP 5.0)
  • A custom printer properties structure can be used when XFRX transforms the output to a printer

  • HNDLIB.DLL and XFRXLIB.FLL versions check. When the required library version is not available, the warning message displays:
    • The version of currently used library file 

    • the required version

    • the location of currently used library file

Bug fixes

  • General issues
    • XFRX now supports using THISFORM in before/after band expressions
  • VFP 9.0 related issues
    • RANGE clause is now supported
  • RTF issues
    • The problem with long text being wrapped too early has been fixed
  • DOC issues
    • A bug in rectangle transparency/back color calculation has been fixed
  • XFRX previewer
    • Right aligned labels position shift has been fixed
  • Print engine
    • A bug in rectangle transparency/back color calculation has been fixed
    • TABs are now supported in the printed output
    • Problems with early wrapping and stretched text being too high have been fixed.