XFRX#INIT and images/documents in General field

Full suppport for general fields and XFRX#INIT is since XFRX 16.0.2/XFRX 16.1. But for XFRX 15.7 and XFRX 16.0 is Extended Package. Using is very simple.

  • File extractfromgf.FXP copy to the same folder with XFRX or anywhere (but do not forgot use SET PROCEDURE TO ... ADDITIVE)
  • File xfrxlib.fll  copy to the same folder with XFRX
  • Set control source for picture/ole bound control:
    VFP 6.0

    VFP 9.0
  • Because PDF output (to XFRX 18.0) doesn't support images with transparent background add next two rows in your program (before calling XFRX)

    PUBLIC m.tnTC