XFRX version 6.5

Bugs fixes

  • the database is searched in PATH now
  • problem with rectangle formatting in CNT output was fixed
  • problem with MHT pictures location was fixed
  • problem with rounded rectangles not working with certain regional settings was fixed
  • header and summary bands now follow the "New page" checkbox
  • problem with incorrect multiline textbox output in Word documents was fixed

New features


Word document splitting

 When the generated documents are very long, Word application has problem with the conversion - it takes very long to convert it. To avoid this problem, XFRX now can split the generated document into more smaller documents. To set this up, call SplitDocument() method before calling ProcessReport():
tnPagesp is the number of pages each of the resulting documents would have.

Printing page ranges

 To define the page range, call setPageRange() method before calling calling ProcessReport(). There are two possible ways how to call the setPageRange() method:
  • setPageRange(tnFrom, tnTo)
    tnFrom and tnTo define the from-to range. If tnTo is empty, the total number of pages is used
  • setPageRange(tcRange)
    tcRange is a string, which can contain page numbers and page ranges delimited by commas, the page range is defined as "from-to".

User-defined page size

 You can define the page size of the generated document. The user-defined page size will override the page size stored in the report. To define the user-defined page size, call setPaperSize() method with paper width and paper height as parameters:
setPaperSize(nUDPaperWidth, nUDPaperHeight)
The unit is Inch * 10000.

HTML page size adjustment

 When generating HTML documents, XFRX makes the page a bit shorter by default (by 1.65 inches). This is because when printing from the Internet Explorer, two lines are added to the page - at the top and bottom of the page - as header and footer. By calling ShrinkHeight() method, you can either suppress this behaviour by calling:
or set your own value by which the page will be shrinked. The unit is Inch * 10000, so to make the page shorter by 2 inches, call:
The value sent by ShrinkHeight() method is applied to all output types, not just HTML.