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XFRX versionPartUserDateTextFixed
16.1 PRINT 2017-03-28 Printer can show error "Bad page size".17.0.3
17.0 XFRX#CORE Uwe Bader 2017-03-16 Output file contains bad images if source is image from Corel inserted to general field.17.0.2
16.1 XFRX#LISTENER Gene Steinbacher 2017-03-08 

Second calling REPORT FORM OBJECT loXFRX cause error "The current object does not inherit from class reportlistener." if first report contains image.

Add to your code: LOCAL loXFRX

17.0XFRX#INIT + VFP 5/6/7/86K.cz2017-03-07 XFRX evaluated absolute position for horizontal lines which are in band.17.0.2
16.1 XFRX#LISTENER Herschel Systems Ltd 2017-02-27Bad top position  for objects in page footer, if "print area" is "printable page" and VFP default printer is virtual printer. Workarround is setting property lAlwaysWholePage to .T. of report listener.17.0.2
15.6PDF+GIF89a with transaprent color6K.cz2017-03-01

XFRX evaluate bad transparent color.You can download fixed version:

17.0XFRX Eddy Marius 2017-02-27Error messages at compilation EXE/APP:
Unknown TAARRAY - Undefined
Unknown IF - Undefined 
16.1XFRX#INITPeter Langenbach,2017-02-07Empty general field cuase cx00000005 under VFP
12.3XPS  2017-03-15Line or shape's border with style hairline is invisible.17.1 
7.0XLS 2017-03-15XFRX  supports only hairline and solid border style.17.1 
12.0FODS,PFODS  2017-03-14Output file contains border for rectangles without border. 17.1 
15.4PRINT TILL CONSULT 2017-02-09Printer "EPSON TM-T70II Receipt" crop paper after printing long receipt. 17.1
<=17.0XLS 2017-01-22Hyperlink ignore format (font, name, etc.)17.1
16.1 RTF, FRTF  2017-04-08Image in report can cause unreadable output file. 17.1
16.0 FDOC, FRTF, FODT, ODS, NATIVE_FDOCX  2017-04-11XFRX don't close  one cursor with fields "from" and "to".17.1
6.5 All Parts Alexandro Simioni 2017-04-07XFRX don't work correctly if UNIQUE is set to ON. 17.1
16.0 ODT,FODT,ODS,FODS,PFODS  2017-04-15 Output file is unreadable if report contains text with raster font  and set embeded font.17.1
17.0 XLSPLAIN, PFODS, NATIVE_FXLSX + XFRX#INIT with transformation from XFF/XFRX#LISTENERAlexandro Simioni2017-04-17 Output file doesn't contains objects in group footer on second and next pages. 17.1
 <=17.0XLS, XLSPLAIN, NATIVE_FXLSX, NATIVE_PFXLSX  2017-04-18  Character "/" in #UR XLSF converts to DATE MARK.17.1
 PDF  Bad support for  long chinese/japanese/korean text. 
 PDF   Bad support for  arabic text. 
 XPS  Bad support for  arabic text.