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2017-02-25 Page and column expression17.1.3
Mike Yearwood2016-01-13Support for inline RTF. (17.1.4)
Uwe Bader2016-08-15XFRX#INIT doesn't support Stretch for textboxes in PAGE_FOOTER. 
  Automatic convert textbox/label to image 
  Setup sheet background image for NATIVE_FXLSX, NATIVE_PFXLSX, ODS, FDOS, PFODS, XLS and XLSPLAIN  
  Add custom style for FDOC/NATIVE_FDOCS/FODT/FRTF 
  Add default font for  FDOC/NATIVE_FDOCS/FODT by report or custom setting 
  Add support setPassword() for MS Office 2007 
Thore Bosk 2015-11-30PDF - supports for PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3  
  <FJ> support for flow outputs. 

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