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XFRX versionPartUserDateTextFixed
12.3XPS  2017-03-15Line or shape's border with style hairline is invisible.17.1 
7.0XLS 2017-03-15XFRX  supports only hairline and solid border style.17.1 
12.0FODS,PFODS  2017-03-14Output file contains border for rectangles without border. 17.1 
15.4PRINT TILL CONSULT 2017-02-09Printer "EPSON TM-T70II Receipt" crop paper after printing long receipt. 17.1
<=17.0XLS 2017-01-22Hyperlink ignore format (font, name, etc.)17.1
16.1 RTF, FRTF  2017-04-08Image in report can cause unreadable output file. 17.1
16.0 FDOC, FRTF, FODT, ODS, NATIVE_FDOCX  2017-04-11XFRX don't close  one cursor with fields "from" and "to".17.1
6.5 All Parts Alexandro Simioni 2017-04-07XFRX don't work correctly if UNIQUE is set to ON. 17.1
16.0 ODT,FODT,ODS,FODS,PFODS  2017-04-15 Output file is unreadable if report contains text with raster font  and set embeded font.17.1
17.0 XLSPLAIN, PFODS, NATIVE_FXLSX + XFRX#INIT with transformation from XFF/XFRX#LISTENERAlexandro Simioni2017-04-17 Output file doesn't contains objects in group footer on second and next pages. 17.1
 <=17.0XLS, XLSPLAIN, NATIVE_FXLSX, NATIVE_PFXLSX  2017-04-18 Character "/" in #UR XLSF converts to DATE MARK.17.1
 10.0XFRX#LISTENER William Plander2017-04-20All outputs  ignore if report has set Print area to "Whole page".17.1 
 XFRX#INIT, XFRX#LISTENER  2017-04-23XFRX doesn't support "1 1/2 Space" a "Double Space" for labels.  
 PDF  Bad support for  long chinese/japanese/korean text. 
 PDF   Bad support for  arabic text. 
 XPS  Bad support for  arabic text. 


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